Licenses may be purchased in several different currencies (USD, GBP & EUR). USD is used as our base currency and converted to GBP or EUR at fair market rates for convenience. Please note that purchases made in GBP and EUR will be subject to market rate fluctuation on renewal.

It's also advised to set your preferred currency under account billing settings.

VirtFusion Early Adopter Commercial Licenses

Exclusive early adopter products.

The VirtFusion early adopter license is a special license that will only be available to purchase for a short period of time whilst the product is in its infancy.


  • Anyone who purchases this type of license will be locked into the discounted pricing for the lifetime of the license.
  • Hypervisors or any other options that are added to the license will be discounted.
  • This type of license cannot be transferred or resold and must be surrendered if it is no longer required.

VirtFusion Early Adopter License

Choose your billing cycle.
The following billing cycle discounts are available:
Term Discount
Monthly 0%
3 Monthly 5%
6 Monthly 7.5%
Yearly 15%